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Shoshone-Bannock 2023 Fishing Trespass Per Season Permit

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This trespass permit shall serve only as an authorization to accompany a specific companion fishing permit holder who comes onto the Reservation for fishing purposes during the 2023 fishing season and shall not entitle the holder to fish under any circumstances.

Trespass permit holders, regardless of their age, shall be under the same obligations as fishing permit holders to obey all federal and tribal laws. Violations of such laws by the Trespass Permit holder shall subject the companion fishing permit holder(s) to any and all sanctions identified in Section IV and XI, the same as if the fishing permit holder(s) had committed the violation. The companion fishing permit holder (s) shall be entitled to the procedural rights set forth in Section IX

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Permit Validity: Valid from 2023-04-21 to 2023-11-19

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